Huawei E369 (HiMini) Data Card
Huawei E369 (HiMini) Data Card

Huawei E369 (HiMini) Data Card

Brand: Huawei
Product Code: Huawei E369 (HiMini) Data Card
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Huawei E369 (HiMini) Data Card Price: Rs.2632


Key Features

  • Easier to catch the signal even in bad surroundings
  • 30% lower than normal HSPA+ stick
  • Enhancing battery lifetime of laptop
  • 3G SIM Support
  • USB Support
  • Plug and Play

Internet connectivity is almost as important as basic necessities of life in the modern times. We connect to the internet using modems and routers that usually require cables to be connected in order to have a stable and continuous internet connection. Devices like the Huawei E369 (HiMini) Datacard, allow you to connect to the internet from just about anywhere, depending on the strength and feasibility of the network that has been chosen. The Huawei E369 (HiMini) Datacard has excellent connectivity which allows the device to connect with a signal even in bad surroundings. It even uses less power as compared to other Datacards that use up a lot of power. The Huawei E369 (HiMini) Datacard has a lower footprint as it uses 30% less power than other USB sticks that are HSPA+ compatible. The Huawei E369 (HiMini) Datacard is able to enhance the battery life of your laptop by conserving power during its operation time. The E369 (HiMini) is a standard USB internet dongle like device that is manufactured by Huawei, the Chinese Telecommunications giant that specializes in making high quality phones and modems.

The Huawei E369 (HiMini) Datacard is compatible with Operating systems like the Windows XP and higher versions. The connectivity of the Huawei E369 (HiMini) Datacard is not just limited to Windows computers, but can just as easily, be used on computers and laptops that have Mac OS versions like 10.5, 10.6 and even Linux. The device is able to connect to your chosen SIM card’s connection in either the 2G or 3G mode.  The connection is enhanced by the device’s advanced technology when it comes to the HSUPAHSDPAEDGEGPRS,GSM and UMTS connection types. The device is an excellent datacard that connects to even the standard GPRS connections that provide internet connection for mobile phones. The Huawei E369 (HiMini) Datacard can reachspeeds of up to 21.6 Mbps during downloads. It uses 2100 MHz in the UMTS (3G) mode and this translates into stable and high speed connections for the purpose of browsing or streaming content online. The bandwidth range that the Huawei E369 (HiMini) Datacard uses for connecting to the information super highway starts from 850 MHz and progresses through 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz.

Huawei E369 (HiMini) Datacard and other Huawei datacards usually run using Balong Chipsets of varying configurations. The HiMini uses the Rx Diversity Supported Balong Chipset. The device has a USB 2.0 readyexternal interface. The Huawei E369 (HiMini) Datacard is a quick device that has Plug and Play capability, decreasing the time it takes to connect to the internet. The device has a good quality internal antenna that easily and effortlessly connects to the network. The device runs on electricity that is derived from its USB external interface. The Huawei E369 (HiMini) Datacard is small enough to be carried in a pocket or bag. It is 65 mm high, 25.4 mm wide with 8.5 mm as its depth and weighs in at a mere 30 g only.



Specifications of Huawei E369 (HiMini) Data Card

Model E369 (HiMini)
Part Number E369
Form Factor USB Stick
Brand Huawei
Operating System Windows XP and Above, Mac OS: 10.5, 10.6, Linux
SIM or UIM Support 2G / 3G SIM
HSDPA 21.6 Mbps DL
UMTS(3G) 2100 MHz
GSM (EDGE/GPRS) 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz, 850 MHz
External Interface USB 2.0
Antannae Type Internal
Power Supply USB
Setup Installation Plug and Play
Other Features Chipset: Balong, Rx Diversity Supported
Height 65 mm
Width 25.4 mm
Depth 8.5 mm
Weight 30 g
Domestic Term 1 Year
Warranty Type Repair or Replacement
Not Covered in Warranty Physical Damage Cases will not be Entitled for Warranty



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