Razer™ Moray Plus
Razer™ Moray Plus

Razer™ Moray Plus

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We’ve got a ton of devices these days. From iPod® to laptops to the PSP®, the list is endless. The last thing you need is an exhausting list of accessories for them as well.

Enter the Razer Moraymobile gaming communicator. Designed to work with an array of personal devices, this is the Swiss army knife for mobile audio and voice communications.

• LAN party? 
• Music listening on the road? 
• Raiding with your World of Warcraft® mates? 
• Trash talking your friend on Skype™?
• Gaming on your laptop?
• Kicking ass on your Sony® PSP® and Nintendo DS® Lite/ DSi?

The Razer Moraysets itself apart from conventional intraaural earphones with custom tuned audio drivers designed as part of its internal sound chamber architecture – achieving maximum sound pressure level for undistorted audio at higher sound levels and a wider frequency response that adds audio clarity.


Unlike most conventional microphones with a unidirectional pickup pattern, the Razer Moray+ features an omnidirectional microphone pickup pattern that delivers superior sensitivity for voice communication. The omnidirectional pickup pattern with its wider radius reduces fluctuations in vocal clarity when gamers are in motion. The microphone’s omnidirectional pickup pattern also completely eliminates the Proximity Effect.

N.B. Proximity Effect: An excessive increase in bass or low frequencies of vocals when the microphone is brought too close to the mouth.

Never have to lug along multiple earphones/headsets in a messy bundle, one for each device. The Razer Moray+ works out of the box with most music players and the Apple® iPhone™. Included are also 3 adapters that allow it to work flawlessly with your PC, Sony PSP and Nintendo DS Lite.

Once you’re done, simply store and protect the Razer Moray+ and its adapters from the rigor of travelling in its carrying pouch.

The digital warrior packs a ton of digital gear on-the-go in this age. Travelling light with maximum functionality takes on new importance. The Razer Moray+mobile gaming communicator compresses noise isolation and extended bass in a sleek and comfortable pair of earphones. Throw in an omnidirectional inline microphone for voice communications and you have got a powerful headset that fits in the palm of your hands… and with space to spare.


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