Thrustmaster T Wireless 3in1 Gamepad Rumble force (PC/PS2/PS3)
Thrustmaster T Wireless 3in1 Gamepad Rumble force (PC/PS2/PS3)

Thrustmaster T Wireless 3in1 Gamepad Rumble force (PC/PS2/PS3)

Brand: Thrustmaster
Product Code: Thrustmaster T Wireless 3in1 Gamepad Rumble force (PC/PS2/PS3)
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Product Description

  • Vibration Feedback on PC & PS2 ™
    • Mini-CD allowing users to define custom force effects
    • Two vibration motors
    • Vibration On/Off switch enables users to activate or deactivate vibration feature at will, while allowing extended autonomy.
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Controller
    • Single 2.4 GHz USB dongle for PC and PS3™ and PS2™ connector (exclusive design by Thrustmaster)
    • Compliant with CE & FCC Part15 standards
    • Low consumption (AAA batteries), automatic shutdown feature and On/Off power switch allowing extended autonomy
  • Genuine rubber 360° handgrips and mini-sticks
    • Two handgrips featuring a genuine rubber non-slip textured surface, for optimum grip and long-lasting comfort even after the lengthiest gaming sessions
    • 360° handgrips: the rubber texture covers the entire surface of the grip, offering flawless adherence and extensive protection in-hand
    • The mini-sticks feature a textured rubber surface, for comfortable and non-slip contact ensuring optimum control
  • 3-in-1: PlayStation®3, PlayStation®2 & PC
    • One controller for all 3 systems
    • Home button for PlayStation®3, enabling users to access setup menus or shut their game console down
  • Mapping Feature: fully programmable functions (exclusive on all platforms!)
    • All buttons and mini-stick directions can be relocated


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